Trying to acquire Doug Martin

Id really like to get Doug Martin from a guy in my league, but he doesn’t want to trade him cuz he’s really weak at RB. I’ve got:

RB: Gordon, Fournette, Kelley, Ingram, Jacquizz
WR: Tate, Hill, Tyrell, Rishard Matthews, Amendola, Funchess

Martin is still out another week, so I could give him an RB he could start this week, but idk who to offer.
What’s your take on martin this year?
And if I offered you the trade, What would you want in exchange for Doug?

He’s got Miller, perine, Perkins, and rawls for RB’s

If I were you I would try and get a WR not a RB. Gordon, Fournette, Kelley and Ingram is a solid group to have to pick 2 from. I’m not too thrilled about any of your WR after Tate.

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What if I try to move Gordon or fournette for Martin and a better receiver? He’s got Antonio Brown, Baldwin, Watkins, and Shepherd. I wouldn’t get Brown, but if I add in one of my lower end WR’s I might be able to swing one of the other three. Martin should be a #1 when he gets back and I’d upgrade at WR and i would still have whichever RB I don’t give up. Which WR would be the best to target?

Alternatively, I could trade an RB(ingram,kelley,quizz) for one of his WR’s but I don’t really wanna give up a RB without getting one in return.

I think you would have to make a combo trade. As a Martin owner that is also a bit weak at RB I am anxiously waiting for him. But like you…think he is going to be great after seeing him in the pre season. I have been turning down trades all the time even if guys are useable because they would downgrade me the rest of the year. Martin also has a good playoff Sched. I am 2-1 though…someone more desperate may be different. I think you would have to give more if you really want him.