Trying to acquire Juju - Clan Advice

Hey guys,

The guy in our keeper league who owns Juju (in the 11th) is lamenting his lack of quality keepers (his roster is DEVOID of anything beyond Juju) and he’s trying to swing a 2-1 to add…

Our league applies a round penalty to the keeper (and they are max eligible for 3 years)

I’m trying to think of how best to add Juju… I am thinking of pairing a RB (Mixon in the 5th, Kerryon in the 9th, Damien Williams undrafted) with Tyler Boyd undrafted.

Should I even care which RB he selects? Basically I’d be keeping Kittle (10th) Juju (11th) and one of those RBs.

and Update… He’s asking for Kittle (10th) and Kerryon (8th) for Juju in the 11th.

My keepers post trade would be

Damien Williams

if I don’t make the trade swap juju for kittle…

I’d be willing to offer whatever out of your RB crop to get JJSS cause I’m personally drafting JJSS ahead of all of those guys and he is cost you multiple rounds cheaper.

I’d be fine with that trade. If JJSS finishes as the WR1 this year, wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Although my pick is still Adams as most likely.

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I opened up my entire roster to him. Basically told him I’d give him any two keepers for Juju - I can work with what I’ve got at that point.

He’s still shopping him (as commish I advised that he should weigh his options) but I feel his request of Kittle+Kerryon may get the deal done.

I’d take that deal and draft Engram in the 5th/6th. Think he might finish close to Kittle this year.

I love Engram… I love McDonald… I’ll probably have a fair number of shares of Mark Andrews and Gesicki as late round waiver-fodder fliers as well.

I just sold McDonald. I think his hype is getting a bit out of control. If I miss on engram, I’m waiting to get a few upside guys in the super late rounds including Andrew who you listed and I love, as well as Jordan Reed and Goedert.

Although given that Engram is currently ranked as my TE2/3, I’m not going to be missing on him often.

I think that there’s an exceptional amount of value at the TE position this year as well. I think Jack Doyle is another guy who’s ceiling is top 5 at the position.

I love the Ebron truthers who ignore that in the games Doyle played last year (6), Ebron was an afterthought in the passing game… If he’s healthy, I think he’ll be one of Lucks top targets again.

hell, even Burton could qualify as a post hype sleeper at this point. I don’t hate Henry and Howard, but I feel that there’s little to no value in the TE 4-6 range this year. Other than Kelce and Ertz, I’m waiting on the position I think

Would you be comfortable going in with Mixon/Juju/Kittle?

He’s trying to get both Williams and Kerryon rather than Kittle.

If i’m rolling in with Mixon/JJSS/Kittle at those costs, I’m laughing to the bank. Like I said, i’d be willing to give up any combo of your players to get JJSS.


Yea… I’m the owner who falls in love with his own players… I come here to be talked off a ledge half the time LOL you always give me unbiased advise.

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We did the deal BTW - and I kept Kittle. Onto 2019 fellas!

Congrats! That’s an unreal base to draft off of for this season and beyond. I love keeper leagues for this reason. If you’re good at drafting keepers, you can always do 2 for 1 deals.

I played in the finals of this league both years it’s existed (I’m 1-1) and I’ve tried explaining to the newer folks that if you can add free agents, you should be doing it right until the league ends.

I set my lineup for the finals, then I cut every player on my bench who was either not eligible to be kept or I wasn’t interested in, and I just added a butt load of potential keepers.

Then they wonder why I have so much ammunition when the guy with Juju and no one else is looking to bulk up.

I will say you should consider changing the rule on allowing waivers as keepers. I think only people who invest draft picks should reap keeper benefits. You have to invest and hold that player for the season. Getting a player off waivers shouldn’t really be rewarded beyond the season you’re in.

I don’t hate it, we use a round draw system that doesn’t allow for those players to be kept in the latest rounds. It’s worked well for us for a long time, so I don’t see any reason to change it. And when someone tries to “get lucky” with a mediocre player and gets an early round, it’s so satisfying lol