Trying to build a juggernaut for playoffs

I’m currently in first place in a 12 team 0.5ppr league. I’m trying to grab a surefire RB2 by shopping one of my TEs to a TE needy team. These are some packages/players I’m looking at from the needy teams.
Team 1 - Ingram, J Howard, Tyreek
Team 2 - Fournette, Tate, Sanu
Team 3 - Barkley, Sutton, Cooper

My team:
QB - Lamar Jackson
RB - McCaffrey, Michel, D Freeman, J Samuels, D Guice, Shady
WR - Evans, Kupp, Curtis Samuel, Mike Williams
TE - Henry, Waller

Let me know what you would give to land some of those players/packages or if I should just stay put. Thanks guys

The way Waller has played lately I doubt you can get any of those guys for him besides maybe J. Howard.

If you are willing to trade Henry (which would make you much weaker at TE) you could probably get some of those other guys. You personally have very little depth anywhere else though to be able to package anyone with those guys. Freeman, Samuels, Guice, and Shady all have very little to no value at this point. Samuel is okay but doubt he pulls much, and Williams has been bad.

Don’t see anyway you can get Barkley, Cooper, or Fournette unless you trade Evans of Kupp which you don’t want to do.

To get the ball rolling I put offers out to each. I have Ingram and Tyreek for Michel, Freeman, Samuel, and Waller. I sent Michel and Waller for Fournette (he only has Knox, idk). Last I sent Michel, Freeman, and Waller for Barkley and Diontae Johnson. All three are unlikely to get accepted but I figure I gotta start somewhere.