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Trying to buy Zeke


So I’m 5-0 and happy with my Freeman - Fournette - Melv Gordon trio. But the though of picking you Zeke intrigues me.

Would a Melv Gordon + Alshon/Kelvin Benjamin offer be enough to snag Zeke & AJ Green? Or am I dreaming that he’d accept?

12 team .5 PPR


whats his record?


A solid 3-2. He’s got Hunt, but not much in the way of depth. Adrian Peterson is his 3rd back, and DMC and Alf Morris have been picked up.


Hmmm. if he was 1-4 or even 2-3 i would say he might bite, maybe wait a week and see if his team struggles and if he does then that may work in your advantage of this trade


Appreciate the advice amigo.


thanks man, i hope i helped…

Mind helping me out?