Trying to Dethrone the Reigning Champ!

1/2 PPR for the title!

I need to pick 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex from this group

WR: Adams, Cooper, Baldwin, Sutton, R. Anderson
RB: Gordon, Mack, Henry, D. Williams,

I am thinking Adams, Cooper, Gordon, Mack, Henry. I really like Anderson and Baldwin’s matchups. Gordon does scare me a little coming off the injury against BAL (and i am a little frightened having survived the zero burger from A. Jones last week). Thoughts?

I have blocked my opponent on Anderson/Kelly as he has no FAAB and is the Gurley owner and i have put in claim on E. McGuire just to ensure he doesn’t get him as well. He also has Mixon.

Looks like Ware is doubful so that makes it a bit tougher since D. Williams is in the mix. Any foot clan help is appreciated.

I’d go Adams, Cooper, Gordon and Williams. Since Ware is doubtful, Williams should get a lot of usage and it’s such a prolific high scoring offense.

I believe in Damien Williams this week. If Ware does play it will be minimal. I know its tough starting a player this late from the free agent list that has not proven much but last week he was very stout and will continue to be a force to handle with Ware gimped up

So who would the las slot go to? Mack or Henry? It’s hard to b much henry right now and Mack has a wonderful matchup.

I am happy to report a #footclan title!
I played Gordon, Henry, and Mack.

I left many many points on my bench! Robby Anderson, Damien Williams, Doug Baldwin, Elijah McGuire, C.J. Anderson all topped 20 on my bench. And sutton got 15. Just lucky I didn’t lose or or would have stung…