Trying to fill league

Hey everyone,

Trying to find one player to fill our ten team league. We originally started on from the forum three years ago but one member has now left due to other commitments.

It’s a 1/2 point PPR league with 3 keepers (costing draft picks).

I can give the full rules to anyone interested.

Draft is set for 5 September 2020 9pm Eastern

What platform? I could be tempted? Is this for money? Do trades clear instantly? Do you do fund bonus scoring for completed passes/rush attempts/first downs/long plays and TD’s? And most importantly, please advise on kickers; they are the scourge of the earth lol.

This is interesting to me

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We use Fleaflicker at the moment as it’s easy for our keeper rules. Keepers cost a round earlier for each year kept.

No buy in. Just for fun. Winner of the consolation bracket wins first pick in the next year though to keep everyone interested.

Trades clear instantly.

There are bonus points awarded for various things. Pictures attached.

Whilst kickers are people too they are the scourge of fantasy and not welcome in our league.

We have a FB group to help facilitate chat, water bets and trades.

More details in my reply.

If it was a buy in I’d probs play. Thanks though

No worries.

Sounds like a ton of fun! Not super big on FB at all, but am interested! PM me and I can send you my email for an invite and let me know the team I’d be taking over so I can get keeper info to you.

I’ll download Flea Flicker

Kickers are people? Agree to disagree… :wink:

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