Trying to flip Fuller or Alshon for Ridley/Fornette

1/2 PPR, PPFD, bonus for long plays.

I have Matty Ice.

Would it be reasonable to offer the Calvin Ridley owner Fuller or Jeffery to try and acquire Calvin Ridley to do a QB/WR stack? Would you rather have Ridley ROS than the other 2? Think I might have to pony up Alshon from my side to get the deal done, but that’s not even a certainty.

Is it seemingly unreasonable and a low ball to offer Fuller, or maybe even Fuller and Keke for Fornette? I have Yeldon, and while Fuller is injury plagued, he has nothing on Fornette this year…

Other WR are Woods, Landry, Keke…

Thanks in advance! Just checking to see if I am being reasonable or being a jerk with these offers…

I dont think it’s a jerk offer. They probably wont bite, but hey…you cant get it if you dont offer it

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I just looked up stats on the year. I think I’d have to offer at least Woods to try and get Ridley. He’s enfuego, but how long can that last, and when will TD regression kick in?

And you’re right, the answer to 100% of the questions you don’t ask is NO.