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Trying to get Ajayi


RBs are Gillisle, Cohen, Buck Allen, Riddick, Tolbert and an injured Johnson.
WRs are Baldwin, M Thomas, Crabtree, Parker, and Doctson.

The team with Ajayi could use an upgrade at WR. What would you offer for Ajayi? Thomas or Baldwin straight up? Let me know.


I would say if you can give up Thomas for Ajayi you’re in great shape.


I would hold on to Thomas, He is a great WR that is only getting better with great QB play ( or so it seems) Ajayi has struggled all season, but has massive upside I would try Baldwin and if that falls apart ride out the storm and try to get better through waivers.


I guess so. Ajayi has massive upside for sure, but struggling right now.

I’ll modify my original comment and say you should do this trade if you’ve got a winning record and can hold on for a chance Ajayi gets back to normal.


Nope have a losing record. It’s my RBs that are killing me which is why I’m trying to get an upgrade


In my opinion, Thomas has a higher ceiling than Baldwin and you have decent wide outs to make up for losing him if you are able to get Ajayi.


So it seems the consensus is Baldwin for Ajayi?


I wouldn’t even trade that high. Wait one more week on Ajai. If he poops his pants again you’ll be able to get him cheap.


I have Ajayi in one of my leagues. So are we all in agreement that we he will bounce back and be a stud this season? I have Gurley as well so things for me this season have been good but I’m just wondering if I should hang on to him or trade him.


I’ve got Ajayi, Cohen, Montgomery & Hunt in one league. I’m hoping Ajayi can ball out asap so I can trade him before he gets injured/poops his big boy pants again.


Try Parker, that way you won’t have 2 dolphins on your roster. If he declines, try something bigger.

I traded for Ajayi today… for… Eric Ebron.
I offered Wendell Smallwood, and he came back with ebron. I was in the process of dropping ebron for a waiver pickup anyway. Life is good sometimes.


Wow don’t think I’ll be that lucky. I know Ajayi’s a risk but that’s kinda why I’m going for him. Any other RB I’d have to pay up even bigger. I think I’ll try for a Parker combo package with some of my lower end RBs. If it doesn’t work I’ll go Baldwin and if that doesn’t work I’ll just hold for now.


Yeah. I wasn’t trying to brag, I was just showing that some Owners are extremely frustrated with him.
In another league I got him last week for mixon and djax.