Trying to get David Johnson

In my 12 team HPPR Dynasty I’m trying to get DJ (honestly to unload Sony Michel).


Alshon Jeffery
Sammy Watkins

I know I’m paying a premium for him with this offer, but am I crazy to pay this much (I dont think I am, but sanity check).

My other WRs are
Keenan Allen
Brandin Cooks
Courtland Sutton
James Washington

You can afford it given your WR depth. I’d be fine with it.

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I’d do this trade to get Johnson.

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I would be surprised if someone accepts Sony, Alshon, and Sammy in exchange for DJ.

Ah, I did forget to add that their WR core starts with:

Mike Evans
Adams Humphries
Devante Parker
Keelan Cole

I was factoring this into my valuing of Alshon and Watkins, but I can easily see where you’re coming from. If he had any useful WR other than Evans, he probably wouldn’t have done it.

Obviously if you can take advantage of another teams position/evaluation - go for it! However, any skilled manager should know, needing a WR or RB doesn’t make the value of a player in trade increase.

If I had DJ and wanted WR help… I’d ask for OBJ and Sutton, which I think is fair… Allen/Cooks/Watson/Jeffery should get you through the season… as it sits, I like the DJ side a lot more… elite players for non-elite players just doesn’t ever work out for the non-elite player side barring injury

I would do this for DJ. You are getting a great deal!

While I now see your point of and agree with the second half of what you said. They is no universe where I would trade OBJ for DJ in a dynasty straight up, let alone OBJ+.

You say there’s no universe you that would give up your one elite guy for his one elite guy… then ask if you’re paying too much with your low-balled RB3/WR2/WR3 for a top 6 player…

OK guy… GL w that

I said there’s no universe that I would give up the number 2 WR for the number 8 RB in Dynasty, where WR are worth more than RBs. DJ is not a top six Dynasty player, not even the FFballers believe he is currently a top 5 dynasty RB. My no universe comment is based on that alone. I agreed that giving up an elite player for non elites doesnt work out for the one recieving the non elites. And I see why that this trade wouldnt make sense, but OBJ is a different dynasty level than DJ.

List 7 better RBs for dynasty? I can do 5, and the only reason I can do that is I’m not 100% he holds up after seeing the previous injured seasons… when DJ is right, he’s in the conversation for #1 overall

There’s only 6-7 workhorse backs… DJ is one of them… which is why you’re trying to trade for him, no?

How much would you like to bet DJ outscores OBJ by … over/under… 40 points this year?

I trade too much to put stock in the WRs are “worth more” than RBs… RBs score more, there’s less of them, and if you don’t have good ones there’s a HUGE dropoff with no spike upside like WRs have… also more consistent…

OBJ is only worth what he is because he’s semi-consistent, which is weird for a WR… but he won’t score more than DJ this year… and that’s why skulking at actually fair things because of specific rankings is kind of dumb…

If WRs were ACTUALLY worth more, then there would be 8 of them in the first round of redrafts… which is RBs… :smiley:

Lmao. DJ for OBJ + Sutton. In current startups, OBJ is going top 10. DJ is going in the mid 2nd round. In what world would the OBJ side have to give up more to get DJ. DJ is 27 years old. OBJ is 26 and in his absolute prime and now tied to one of the most promising young QBs in the league. This is dynasty, not redraft.

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The reason why WR are worth more is because it’s Dynasty not redraft WR last longer that’s why they’re worth more which is why most Dynasty startup drafts have more WRs going early. The funny part about this is that we’re talking on a website where the hosts advocate for earlier WR in Dynasty. This goes in line with Odell’s current 12 team Dynasty ADP in the 7th player overall and David Johnson’s being the 16th player overall. And as for 7 RBs better for dynasty than DJ, in no particular order who are all higher in ADP as well, Barkley, Kamara, McCaffery, Elliot, Gurley, Gordon, and Mixon (again for dynasty, where Mixon is about 5 years younger).

Mixon/Gurley nope…

I already spelled out why I disagree that “WRs are more valuable than RBs” in dynasty… if trades weren’t allowed… sure… there’s money to be made with DJ this season, which is why you wanted to target him

I don’t know why people think it’s SO absurd I think a guy that’s going top6 in redraft is worth more in dynasty than a guy going mid-second round in redraft… both are in their primes…

SO absurd… lol… whatever guys you do you… if I was DJ owner, you’re definitely not getting DJ from me haha