Trying to get Gurley

Full PPR… I have a couple offers in mind to get Gurley… Let me know which ones you might consider or if any of them are overpay (doubtful lol).

M Gordon + TY Hilton
M Gordon + M Ingram
M Gordon + Tyreek

His top WRs are Adams and Landry… his top RBs are Gurley and D Lewis… Obviously he’s lacking at RB but giving up more than Ingram would hurt my soul.

If I’m a Gurley owner I’m staying put with what I’ve got unless I’m in a huge hole of course (0-7 or 1-6 area).
I think the best offer of the 3 though would be Gordon+Hill. I wouldn’t give up any more than that though unless it’s a keeper and you want to sell out for Gurley. Gurley is the clear RB1 but Gordon should finish around top 5 so he won’t kill you.

Gurley owner and Iam not trading him unless it’s a ridiculous trade am 6-1 so don’t have to trade him depends on the persons record but agree with Steve Gordon+hill is the best offer but Don’t think that will get it done

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Wrong time to try this move. Gordon is injured AND on Bye. D Lewis is also on Bye. That said, someone lacking at RB isn’t giving up Gurley. I think rolling with Gordon is just fine.

I’m looking at playoffs. My team is the best in my division… The Gurley owner is currently out of playoffs as he’s 4th in the division (but still more points on the season than the best team in the other division lmfao)… Melvin has the Raves week 16… if I can do anything to get out of that match up I will… I can get rid of multiple studs for Gurley (I feel like everyone is oblivious to the fact that Gordon is actually almost as many PPG as Gurley so far with multiple weeks over 30 points)…

M Gordon
J White
Pats D (in storage for week 16 vs BUF)

J Gordon

As a Gurley owner, none of those original 3 offers even piqued my interest. If you offered AB + Melvin… then I’d start considering

Especially with not knowing what the health is of Gordon for another week yet, I doubt that’s enough to land Gurley

I mean… Gordon avging 27.3 ppg… Gurley 29.8… and Lynn said Gordon was fine they just wanted to give him an extra week before the bye because they didnt want to risk a real injury. Throwing in the #2 WR seems like a fair deal lmfao

Send it and see what happens, I’m interested to hear

I mean you’re right he probably will say no but its just funny to me how much people value a 29ppg RB over a 27ppg RB plus a 24ppg WR… Melvin must really be flying under the radar this season. The only thing making this trade even remotely worth it is the playoff match up imo.

You’re giving up too much with Gordon + Tyreek. If I was a gurley owner and I knew Gordon was healthy, I’d take that pretty quickly.

I would probably even take Hilton + Gordon.

Given his RB situation, Ingram + Gordon isn’t a bad offer either. I’m not a big fan of Ingram though so not sure if I would take that.

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I’m not a fan of Ingram either and was trying to get rid of him after his first big game but I couldnt get any bites… in retrospect I should’ve made the Gordon+Ingram offer 2 weeks ago but its late for that now… The only thing that makes me willing to give up Gordon+Tyreek is my WR Depth… also a lot of hope that Baldwin and Josh Gordon bust out before playoffs lol… Maybe I’m unreasonably scared of the week 16 Ravens match up but idk… I’d feel confident in Melvin getting 15-20 points but I can’t see him busting out with the week winning performance that I may need.

Yeah Ravens is pretty scary for sure.

And week 16 is cool and all, but you need to make it to week 16. Any given sunday man, anything can happen. I wouldn’t try and think that far ahead and count your chickens yet. Until you get there Gordon will be a stud. And Imo, Reek is a top 5 fantasy WR right now. Only guys I would take ahead of him for ROS 100% are like AB and MT and Nuk. After that, it’s like a conundrum of OBJ/Reek/Thielen for me personally. Maybe you don’t value him as much as I do but even still, I dont think you have to give a top 3 RB, a top 5 WR, for the #1 RB.

I just pulled off gurley Austin ekler and Cooper Kupp for juju CMC and Sony Michel. I had the extra players and am hoping gurley with bell when he comes back can make up or lack of WR. I think I gave up a little much but wanted gurley

I’m a Melvin owner. I think you are crazy to give that up for Gurley! Gordon is putting up high 20’s and 30’s himself why are you going to give up your other studs? Just to say you have Gurley lol! It is about winning the league! Hill and Hilton both have top 5 upside as long as they are playing and Gordon and Ingram is a great 1+2 punch. Take it to the championship.