Trying to get Julio

I want to offer Jordy and Doug Martin… i guess it depends on how the guy currently feels about Julio and how much he believes in Jordy. Any thoughts? How much would you be willing to give?

I would only do jordy for julio straight up. They are both buy low candidates, with julio having the upper hand. Hopefully the packers pull throgh this week and regain some value. But giving up martin is too much these guys are equal (jordy and julio).

the first offer i sent was Jordy and D.Henry for Julio… I’m waiting for a response to that… but yeah I’m a bit hesitant to give up 2 of my actual starters for just Julio.

I traded Keenan Allen and lynch for Julio. I would trade jordy and package him with someone only if he doesn’t accept the Julio deal but I wouldn’t let that someone be Martin unless your solid at rb

Im okay at RB… better than most… i have Hunt, Howard, Martin then TyMont, Henry, Gillislee riding the bench… I did have Gordon too but i traded him a few weeks ago for a package with Jordy in it just before Gordon had his really bad game bc i saw his volume slipping and he had the bone bruise… first week post-trade Jordy put up 20+ and Gordon had like 7 so i felt pretty good… since then its been like 9’s from Jordy and 30’s from Gordon so I want to puke lol… but yeah I decided against giving up Martin. And I want to see a healthy TyMont again before I toss him away as well.

I’d try gilly and jordy and see if he bites just hype up gilly as the next Blount and that gilly does play for the patriots