Trying to get Kupp!

What do you guys think about giving up Henry and Chark for Kupp.

Trying to sell high on Chark, he’s #5 WR right now which seems crazy and I don’t think he can keep it up.

I have Evan Engram, so while I’d love to keep both TE’s if I can get Kupp I would have Hopkins, Kupp, and Lockett as my top 3 WR, with Gallup, DJ Moore, and Kirk on my bench.

Absolutely do that if you can. I just sold Henry and Sanders for Carson and was happy with that.

Kupp owners won’t bite for me. I’ve been trying but told no ever where.

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Ya he has Thomas and Kupp and I asked if he would be willing to part with either. He said no on Thomas but seems open to shopping Kupp, he currently has Graham as his TE, so I am hoping Henry is a big selling point.

For sure. With the TE landscape, Henry carries strong value, much more than Chark. Like McLauren, most dont expect those two to sustain wr1 status as they both essentially are. He s a great add on though.

He’s the guy I think has the most value that I am okay parting with. I might be okay with giving up Lockett, but that would be tougher to swallow.

Try with Chark and see what happens.

Yeah, Lockett’s great this year.

I like this trade if you can get it done.

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If he does turn it down, think it’s worth giving up Lockett or is that too much?

It would hurt a little more for sure but I still think I would do it, since you have another stud at TE

Got the deal done! Pretty pumped to get Kupp especially before his week against ATL.

Nice work, I like that a lot for you

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My new starting lineup. Hopefully it produces some wins for me.

Very strong