Trying to get Metcalf

I am stacked at receiver: K. Allen, Cee Dee, Thielen, DJ Moore, AB, Godwin, Aiyuk. I can only start 2/3 if I use one in the flex. I want to turn two of them into someone like Metcalf. Thinking Thielen & someone else.

I would think Thielen + AB or Moore would get it done, you could probably get someone higher than DK for those combos though, or Thielen and Godwin and get a stud?

It would be nice to see more volume for DK, i’d be slightly worried about that abd to be honest you have the ammo to get Adams, Hill or Diggs and still have a load WR core. Depending on your league you may be able to keep Allen and Lamb and offload Thielen and anyone esle, that isn’t that one sided of a trade more so if they are weaker or thin at WR behind a stud?

I’d find out which TB receiver he prefers and pair him with Thielen as your initial offer.

If you can snag him without parting with CeeDee or Keenan, you’re in a great spot.