Trying to get OBJ

I have Kamara Dion Lewis AP Lynch and Hyde and RB trying to pair one with a WR out of (Adams, Gordon, Cole, Godwin, and Edelman) to make a fair deal for OBJ. I’m trying to avoid using Kamara or Adams. I need help!!!

Your only hope is that they are in love with Gordon’s upside and you package Lewis or Lynch with Gordon. But that might not even do it. I wouldn’t take it for sure. For fair deal need to include Adams.

Considering the NYG aren’t performing at as high of a level as people would like, I wouldn’t consider OBJ a top 3 WR right now in the league, which means you have opportunities to package like DLewis+Keelan Cole or something if the other person also sees it this way.

However if the other owner is still convinced OBJ is a top 3 WR, you haven’t got much there to make it worth their while to drop their top WR for RB2/WR2s

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They’re pretty weak at RB and stacked on WRs his only good RBs are McCaffrey and Powell other than that just back ups while they have OBJ Diggs Woods Golladay and Jordy at WR

Why not try and go for Diggs? You’ve got way more potential there for fantasy production and he isn’t seen in the same top 3 WR limelight as OBJ might be, that’s a potential steal right there


100% agree with this. See if you can package AP or Hyde with Gordon (or maybe Cole if they buy the hype train) and get a nibble on Diggs. To me fair trade for Odell is Adams and AP or Hyde. Fair trade for Diggs is Lycnh/Lewis and Cole

You don’t have the amo to acquire OBJ. All these offers up here are laughable.

You think Adams and AP or hyde is laughable?

I would try to use the Keelan Cole hype to package him with any of your RBs to try and grab Diggs

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I offered him a trade for Diggs and he declined it I’d rather go for OBJ since the situation there is pretty iffy




This was not listed as an option in any of the above. And the OP specifically said he didn’t want to use adams. Adams + AP is laughable, yes. AP is probably going to be droppable within 3-4 weeks. Just like last year. 2-3 usable weeks total. Adams + Hyde is slightly better but still nothing I would expect.

OP - You don’t have the depth or the amo to go after top 10 players. Go for cheaper and better values. There are plenty of cheaper options that will help your suqad a tonne. Guys like Michel/Aaron Jones/Quincy/Golladay etc. Higher risk, but high reward. Not top 5 at their positions but plenty production.

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If you really want Odell, You can try Gordon and running back of his choice. It’s a long shot in my opinion though. I think you need to include Adams.

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Since he has Golladay who do u think would be a good offer for him? I was thinking maybe AP I’m assuming he’s desperate for RBs since all he has is McCaffrey and Powell maybe he takes AP for Golladay

You took snippets from each of my messages. I clearly said the whole time that it was a long shot without Adams. However if you include Adams, I think it’s fully possible as Adams is seen as a surefire Wr1, so with capitalizing on odell down week adding in a starting running back even a low one is not insulting.

I wouldnt say he’s desperate for RBs, CMC and Powell have been producing thus far.

I honestly think if you’re going to want OBJ, you’re going to need to offer up a stud on your side for him

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So u think Adams and Hyde or Lynch would be a good offer? Which of the RBs would u try to move first out of Hyde AP Lynch and Lewis?

I took snippets because those were the offers that were thrown out there? Am I supposed to try and guess what you were thinking about offering or something? I don’t get it. I saw you said it’s not fair. But end of the day, you guys threw out some offers which were a joke.

Adam is not even near the level of OBJ. And the issue is you think Hyde and AP are starters. They are situational flex plays at best. Not every week starting calibur RBs. Now if you were to take like Adams + like an RB2, you could maybe start discussing.


I would try to move AP first, followed by Hyde. No sure thing it works but only so much you can do before you start losing the trade.

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What do u think is the best offer I can do without using Kamara then like using Adams and any RB that I’ve listed?

You should’ve realistically sold AP last week. This has now happened multiple times. AP comes in fresh legs, explodes vs a garbage team and everything just thinks he’s back and ignores hes a 35 year old with 2 ACL tears and a dated running style. If you can still sell AP for anything, I would do it before he basically becomes drop worthy.

Out of the rest I’d rank from worst to best as follows:

Lynch > Hyde > Lewis

Although realistically, I don’t want to own any of them. I would try and do some package deals and even trade down for some currently lower value higher risk but higher reward guys like Michel and Aaron Jones. I would rather have both of them than any RB on your roster not named Kamara.