Trying To Make A Comeback

Alright, so right now I’m sitting at 2-5, and stand a decent chance at falling to 2-6 after tonight’s game. Ouch. For the most part, my draft picks have been busts, and I’ve really faced some bad luck (Hunt’s explosion week 1, the Jordan Reed miracle last week, etc).

The thing is, I feel like I have a strong squad. So, I’d love some opinions on some moves to make to get myself back in contention. 1/2 PPR league.

QBs: Drew Brees, Deshaun Watson
RBs: Leonard Fournette (just picked up off waivers this past week), Lev Bell, Joe Mixon, Kamara
WRs (the EXTREME bums): Stefon Diggs, Dez Bryant, Amari Cooper, Devin Funchess, Nelson Agholor, JuJu Schuster, and Corey Coleman in the IR slot
TEs: Evan Engram, ASJ
Kickers and Def I stream

Any names I should target, and some notable names on my squad I should be looking to trade? Thanks!

OK - your QB’s and RB’s are awesome - not sure how you’ve lost. Also really like your TE going forward. Package Brees to a team with a weak QB - look at the team who drafted Rodgers or offer Brees to someone who has a QB on a bye and is looking to do a waiver pickup. You need a WR but it won’t be easy to get a stud - if you could get W Fuller or D Baldwin, or AJ Green your WR corp would be champ level. Try to package Brees w/Diggs, Cooper (while he is hot), Dez. I like JJSS, Agholor is a good fill in…if you got 1 big name WR to combine with the rest of that roster, you’d be very tough to beat. Find a Cowboy fan - be a little cautious to give away Dez until I find out what is happening with Zeke. That could be a big pass offense that focuses on Dez if Zeke is out