Trying to make a move...Rich in RB

Despite losing Mccaffrey I am feeling pretty good about my RB situation right now and feel I can make a move to improve my WR situation.

My RBs: Mccaffrey, Miles Sanders, David Montgomery, David Johnson, Darrell Henderson and Devonta Freeman

My WRs: DHop, DJ Chark, Michael Gallup and Tyler Boyd

My TEs: Dallas Goedert and Jonnu Smith

I’m aiming for either Edelman or Stefon Diggs. The owner is 0-2 and his starting RBs are Peyton Barber and Tarik Cohen. I’m thinking I can either pair a RB/TE or RB/WR (preferrably RB/TE) to get one of those guys and it should favor us both. What do yall think? Maybe David Montgomery and Dallas Goedert for Diggs? He is a Bears fan lol

I would hold. WR don’t look too bad. Chark and Gallup will step up and if Green continues his ways, Boyd will be good. Don’t jump for Edelman, Harry will be targeted more and Diggs has tougher competition coming up.

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If i were try to do do a move id move johsnson for diggs. throw in whatever you want. gallup would be my choice to throw in.

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I get the idea of holding and waiting for those guys to develop. But it just feels like I could really take advantage of the situation I’m in now. Especially before someone like David Johnson really fizzes out and I can’t use him or get rid of him. I just know not many people want Johnson right now and rightly so. That’s why I was considered giving up Montgomery since the guy is a Bears fan.

if you want to make the move you should always start low. If they need RB they should take johnson. then from that point you can decide if you want to go up to montgomery. I just would not feel comfortable with only 1 good back (sanders).

I dont see the guy swapping Johnson for Diggs straight up lol. I suppose Gallup may be a good addition . Somehow I still don’t see the guy doing that either lol. So maybe Johnson with a top TE like Goedert?

Johnson has a backfield to himself and his schedule opens up after this week. Baltimore and Pitts to start the season. Definitely a bye low candidate after Pittsburgh. If Montgomery continues to be used the way he was last week, he will be consistent. Just think Diggs and Edelman will come back down to earth. My opinion.

yeah whoever else you need to throw in. and i didnt mean those two straight up just meant start with him as the back in your trade. they should be very desperate for a RB. and i would not give either of them for edelman.

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Yeah I totally get you…I guess I should also mention this guy is kind of an amateur lol. So he sees big numbers and most likely feels he should be able to trade Diggs for a josh jacobs or somethin lol

channel your inner saleman and make a great pitch. the new guys are the easiest lol.

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hahaha… we will see how it goes. He should be pretty desperate. He kinda got screwed because he was autodrafted and didnt set up his predraft rankings. He is a Navy Bootcamp instructor so he’s desperate in more ways than one hahahaha (I’m a Marine so I always give him S*** haha)

thank you for your service. GL on your deal