Trying to make the playoffs

In my high money league I have lost 5 times to the highest producing player for the week. In those 5 times and was the second highest producing twice and top 6 two other time. I have Prescott and he is wanted by someone who has kamara. Would you trade Prescott and Martin for kamara and diggs/Jeffery/Shepard?

No opinions?

Absolutely. Doug is in a struggling offense and dak is a QB. take the role players more than a QB.

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@agallich Of the three WRs who do you think is the best one to go after, diggs?

Jeffery in my opinion. Diggs is a good player but haven’t seen much since the injury. Jeffery will be a boom or bust if he wants to stay in philly for his new contact

Kamara and any of those 3 WRs is a great deal… if you have a decent backup QB. If you can full Prescott’s position then definitely take this trade. Aim high for Diggs

I’d do it. And I lean Diggs, he can score just as much as Jeffrey and has a higher floor in my opinion.

Kamara is on fire!! Martin is on a bad team right now and I don’t think he’s gonna get any better ROY-