Trying to Package a Deal

I’m 3-0 going into week 4. I’m stacked at WR - have Adams/CoopaKuppaCoffee/Moore/Ridley/AB/OBJ. RBs are so-so with Awesome Excellent and David Moportunity with Javonte and Sermon on the bench. I was able to stash OBJ and AB on my IR, but need to get them back onto my bench in order to make roster changes. My TE position is pretty weak with Tonyan. Yes…this is a 10 team PPR, so teams are a little more stacked than in my 12 team leagues.

I packaged a deal for Hock and Swift with OBJ/AB/Tonyan/Williams.

Am I giving too much? Do I need to give more? I am trying to get these guys off of my IR and get a every week starter at TE.

What do you think?

Depending on the platform if they are already active and still on your IR you wont be able to make any moves until its corrected so you may be stuck having to drop someone. Happened to me last year on espn. Just something to check before getting to trade involved.

yeah, I’m okay dropping someone. I’ve got Osborne and Murray that I’d be happy to drop if it meant I could get a solid TE and Swift out of the deal. Swift is a G in PPR