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Trying to put together a offer for Matt Ryan. ScreenShots!




Target a RB instead. Luck is *hopefully coming back soon.


Who would you target in particular? Maybe a 2 for one? Carr/Tyrod and Gilly/Crowell? For…? Any suggestions are appreciated


Package a RB/WR for a more consistent WR. Or even use one of you’re TE’s or QB in a package. Find a team’s need and offer that need to them for someone you like. Perhaps a Keenan Allen? It depends on who they have.


I think you could try and get an Abdullah, Mixon or McCaffrey type player. Look for teams that have an abundance of RB and try to meet their needs. To me, your trade pieces would be Carr/Taylor and Shepard/Ginn/Sanders (even though he’s hurt)/Rudolph. You could try and get someone to buy low on Cooper or Crowell


No ones biting thinking about dropping someone for a free agent. M. Lee Cooper Kupp or Taylor Gabriel


Lee@IND KuppVs ARI AND Gabriel@NE


Why would you make a trade for Matt Ryan? Go for a more consistent QB like a Carson Palmer or a DeShaun Waston