Trying to scoop Diggs

i give up duke johnson and randall cobb for stefon diggs. just tossed that out to him.

probably a low ball. would leave me with hyde, gore, mckinnon, and buck allen / diggs, baldwin, d thomas, and tate in a 3WR and flex league.

if it works its a great idea.

didnt go for it, obviously wants more out of diggs. im not trying to give up too much lol.

Thinking about the counter offer of gore and d thomas. upgrade the wr offset and still get a top 25 rb.

his backs are hunt, murray and riddick

When is your league’s trade deadline? If it’s next week you could get more production out of Diggs and sell him higher at that point.

not til the 22nd.

he came back with hyde for diggs straight up. gut says no. hyde is a workhorse and that would be big downgrade on rb to upgrade wr., already have fuller, tate, d thomas, and baldwin. not that diggs cant help me out but then i move to gore, mckinnon, buck allen, and duke johnson

not to thread jack, but who do you guys like better for the rest of the season… Diggs or Fitzgerald?

lol ill comment, as a fitz owner, i would say diggs. fitz has no real qb to throw it to him. but then again, hell, he could be the safety net for Stanton. hard to tell right now since they have not even played a full game together.

Yea I was thinking about offering Fitz and Montgomery for Diggs and Crowell. They’re both on bye and he needs some players this week.

And I would definitely deal Cobb & Duke for Diggs

if you could move them both, not a bad move. again, unkowns on how stanton will use fitz, but safe to assume it is a ding to fitz’s fantasy value.

he countered with hyde for diggs straight up and i was not a fan of that. one. imo, hyde is more important to my team right now than getting diggs. thoughts?

Yea man, I wouldn’t make that trade. Workhorse RB’s are hard to come by and you’re deeper at wr.

was thinking same thing. 3wr and flex so wr’s hold high value but not giving up hyde. been a top 24 play 5 of 7 games.

would you do a duke and d thomas for diggs? i think my best chances come in a rb and wr combo. didnt got for a duke and cobb trade yesterday, as it was a lowball, but is that worth the upgrade at wr and downgrade at rb?

It’s good value on the trade. I think Gore and Hyde are both on bye week 11 so you’ll be pretty thin at rb that week without Duke.

Yeah this also depends on how close you are to making your league’s playoffs.
Diggs looked off last week because he probably didn’t want to re-injure the groin, and they mostly lined him
up on inside routes to get him back up to speed, he generally wasn’t playing as deep as Adam Thielen.

I expect Diggs to run more deep outside routes next week because he’s had the bye to further rest. He will face a tough matchup with Washington as Josh Normal will probably be covering him.

I’m hesitant to give up a RB like Hyde who still has a consistent floor. Diggs could be up and down.

If you’re thinking playoffs then Diggs faces Carolina and CIN defense in weeks 12 & 13, which is something else to consider.

Morris and McFadden on the waivers. Worth scooping and trying to package one in. Or hold after the move of Duke to be better off.

I’m close to sealing deal on playoffs, if I could keep Hyde and McKinnon and get digs, I feel I would be set. Thoughts on the cowboys backfield? Both are available in waivers