Trying to take my Adams

Full PPR

I was offered Najee Harris + Allen Robinson for David Mongomery + Davante Adams…

Adams is clearly the best player in this trade and I typically don’t like being the guy giving up the better player, but I’m still very tempted by this. I’m personally in the camp that ARob could be in line for a top 5 season if not better, and the risk/reward of Najee is obvious. D.Mont is just a boring player who I’m not sure how to feel about. The big downside here is losing Adams who is set to likely be my highest point scorer. Also worth noting this is a Keeper League.

My RBs: Gibson, D.Mont, D.Harris, Javonte Williams (this is a weakness)
MY WRs: Adams, McLaurin, Aiyuk, Shenault, C.Davis, Gage, Pittman, J.Meyers

Disclaimer: Never let your friends drink and draft :sweat_smile:

I think I take it. Adams can’t possibly sustain his scoring rate (he scored on 12.1% of his targets last year), and what’s he going to do after this year without Rodgers?

Najee Harris could be a RB1 for a good handful of years, and I think McLaurin, Robinson, Aiyuk and Davis can hold down the WR fort. I’m not a big fan of any Bears this year, but I’d rather have Robinson than Montgomery, and I think the long-term outlooks for Harris and Adams tip it towards the ACCEPT button.