Trying to target a Rams WR... Cooks or Woods?

Which of these 2 Rams WR would you rather have in a PPR league? Trying to make a push for one before the trade deadline.

cooks. but i wouldnt mind woods either.

what about kupp? guy is a stud as well


Personally I like Kupp best… He seems to be the most underrated, but was outscoring both of those guys the first few weeks and he picked right back up where he left off last week.


Nothing personal against Kupp, I actually traded him away earlier this year and would feel weird attempting to trade back for him lol.

You really cant go wrong with either of the 3, so id get whoever costs you the least. My vote would be for Woods as he has a little more versatility then Kupp (always in the slot) and Cooks (always on the outside) and they like to give him the random handoff a couple times a game.

That’s who I’m going for. Thanks for the input everyone.

I’ve got a loose agreement in the works with the Woods owner. He is in last place and is in desperate need of RBs.

I’ve got RB depth with DJ, Mixon, Chubb, Drake, Coleman, and A.Jones. I offered him 2 of Chubb/Drake/Coleman for Woods. PPR league.

Is this fair? And if so which 2 should I offer?

I would do Chubb / Drake before giving up Coleman. I think I would do this with all of your other options at RB. It’s tough giving up a rb for receiver…let alone 2, but in this case you’ll be alright.

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Yeah having depth is nice, but I’m trying to spin that depth into pieces moving forward. I’m thin at WR. M. Thomas and Adams are my 1-2, but after that it’s Golladay (who I’m currently fading lol) and Demaryius. Trying to build a team worthy of a playoff push.

Plus it’s a friendly league and the other team could really use some RB help. Not trying to collude, just trying to keep everyone invested and competitive.

Yeah then absolutely do this. Sounds like you have a pretty solid roster after that move.

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Drake/Chubb for Woods in the context of your league/situation seems fair and beneficial to both sides.

Side note - I think Golladay will be huge down the stretch so be patient, I know hes been slumping right now.

I want to believe this exact thing with Golladay, but how long can I wait? Lol he’s been such a dead weight to my lineup the last couple weeks. That’s kinda why I was targeting a Rams WR. With the points they will score and how they move the ball, I figured it’d be a safer floor than Golladay.

I second the patience on Golladay. I think he’ll have a great finish to his year with Tate gone. I have him too so I feel your pain.

I wouldn’t be as worried if he were at least getting targets. He’s had I think like 7 TOTAL targets the last 3 weeks combined. That is worrisome. 4 targets last week in first game without Tate. But I may just chalk that up as an all around bad game from Stafford/Lions.

This didn’t age well