Trying to trade away Kamara to patch holes in my team

My record is 2-3. Kamara has been amazing for my team, but I’m hurting at WR because I drafted Amari Cooper high and my RB2 (alex collins) has been underwelming. Also have Dion lewis as my RB3 who has been mediocre.

I got offered Jordan Howard and Jarvis Landry for Kamara during his bye week. Howard came off his bye and Jarvis is a reliable WR to have over Cooper. The RB is obviously a downgrade and howard has been disappointing through the air.

What do you guys think? I feel like i need to make moves to cover holes in my team

Reject it. Kamara is the #1 RB. You can get so much more value for him, even in his bye week. I can understand wanting to trade him away but for nothing less than a stud RB1 or WR1

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What do you think about receiving both AJ green and OBJ for Kamara?

I think that is a monster and I would totally take that trade. The Green/OBJ trade.

Yeah I would take green and obj for kamara. You have to aim really high, kamara is a huge asset

Only problem is that leaves you with Alex Collins as your rb1…that’s uncomfortable