Trying to trade for Antonio Gibson before opening day

My team I drafted last night (3-keeper, 1/2pt ppr, 6pt QB TD, 10-team)

His team:

I don’t see any obvious deficiencies of his to exploit. Maybe offer him what looks to be an upgrade to AG? We can trade picks too. Thoughts?

Opponent team is solid, would say they are weakest at TE, but doubt you want to give up Andrews. RB is so-so, but feels like any move there may be just a lateral move

Dang it. That’s what I was afraid of. I just had my heart set on AG. Maybe if he has a down week I can try to get him cheap.

Possible that if you are going to roll with CMC and Sanders as your regulars, you could offer Bell or Singletary straight for Gibson
Depends on how much the opponent has bought in on the Gibson hype and concerns around WAS offence.

I got Bell in the 5th and Singletary in the 9th. Gibson went in the 9th. Maybe offer Singletary with a late-round pick? Or offer Bell for Gibson and a late-round?

How did you get CMC 5th overall

It was a keeper league. Had him from last season.