Trying to trade for Bell or OBJ

Guy who has Bell and Beckham really wants my Lynch. I want to package some players to get Bell in all honesty. Need some help on who should I try to package for him or Beckham

Qbs Luck, Dalton, Palmer
RBs Zeke, lynch, Crowell, LMiller, Martin, and gilly.
WRs Julio, KAllen, Decker, BMarshall

I think you could use another wr so with that being said I’d offer Decker and lynch for OBJ. Just my opinion

If he doesn’t take that then try switching it up but I recommend going for OBJ whatever you do

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I completely agree with Ry47. Not much depth at WR especially considering that all 4 missed significant time last year.


He didn’t go for it lol. He wants Lynch for Tyreek. Not sure about that one

I like Tyreek Hill tbh