Trying to trade for Golladay

Full PPR. What do you think I can offer to possibly grab Golladay? This team will be 0-2 and just lost Barkley.
My team RB:cmc,Hunt,Gibson,Hines,Brown, Thompson
WR: Hopkins, Moore, Jackson, Green

Their team
RB: Barkley,Gurley,Howard,Gore

I don’t think you can get him. If I was him I’d want Hunt but hunt loss puts you in a difficult depth spot at rb.

was really hoping that guys like Hines and Brown would have another good game so i could use them in a trade. the attempts where there fro Brown but unfortunately the TDs weren’t

Yeah unfortunately, even with Kenny G. being out with injury, you are still going to have to pay for him. He will be a target monster once he is healthy (he is being called Babytron after all). Like Mr. Wind-up-bird said you will probably have to give up Hunt and most likely a WR (D.J. Moore possibly) to get Golladay, especially since Kenny G. is the only real weekly WR1 that team has.