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Trying to trade for Gronk


10 team PPR,
WRs are Keenan allen, Jarvis, Sanders, Baldwin, Alshon.
RBs are Saquon, J. Howard, Ingram, Conner, Aaron Jones, Collins.
TEs: J. Reed, Kittle

Gronk owner is currently 0-4, he has Gronk and no backup, trying to see if I could buy low on Gronk.
He has Antonio Brown, Cooper, Allison as WRs.

Would a package of J. Reed and Baldwin be ok? too little?

Thoughts? Thanks!


I would consider taking that offer. if Reed can stay healthy.

what do you think about Ajayi and Njoku for Gronk? 14team 1/2ppr


If I were Gronk owner I would not take that. Ajayi literally has a broken back so I believe his weeks are numbered. If this was proposed to you to acquire Gronk don’t hesitate to accept.


yes, I probably wouldn’t take that offer either… I think Gronk, if healthy would outscore both of them. now, if Ajayi can have another big game soon, and the Gronk owner is desperate for RB help, then I think he might be willing to consider it.

but yes, if you are the Gronk owner, don’t take that trade