Trying to trade for Lev me choose the best offer

So I have no real depth at RB or WR. I’m 4-2 in my league, and need some help to get to the playoffs.

I’m targeting Lev Bell, the guy that has him is pretty strong at RB-Henry, Carson, Peterson, and some nice handcuffs. But he is thin at WR.

I have RBs- Chubb, Gordon, Damien Williams and McCoy. WRs- Hopkins, Golladay, McLaurin, Cooks, Metcalf.

I’d like to package Cooks with Damien Williams and move on, but I’m thinking I’d have to offer McLaurin to get Bell.

With my roster what would you offer?

He won’t bite on Cooks. I’d offer Golladay and Williams, but Terry works too

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^Thanks for that suggestion^

Rolled that offer out and it was quickly declined. So I offered Gordon and Cooks. If he declines that I may offer McLaurin.

A little part of me wonders if I should offer Hopkins…?

Again I need a RB but I’m not super deep at WR either…