Trying to trade for Thielen

Is Philip Lindsay & Kenny Golladay enough?
Owner has DJ, Crowell, Dion Lewis, Tyreek, and Edelman

It might be since this person could use a consistent point scorer like Lindsay who has a lot more potential upside that hasn’t even been tapped yet. The same goes for his WR’s with Golladay as he keeps building on the already strong chemistry he has with Stafford and likely cuts further into Tate’s targets.

Probably not enough given how Thielen has been performing. Doesn’t hurt to start there and try though given how little depth he has at RB.

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Appreciate the feedback.

Personally, I wouldnt give up Golladay

I don’t think is enough. Thielen is literally the wr1 in football right now and everyone is hyping up his nfl record. It’s the worst possible time to try and get him. For me, it would take Lindsay and a high end wr like Hill, Diggs, Juju etc…

not a good time to trade for theilen, your buying high not worth it

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Go after the Ju Ju owner, espically after a mediocre week like this past sunday

julio and evans are the type of receivers you should be targeting

I’d target Keenan Allen too