Trying to trade for Ty Montgomery

My running Backs are Zeek Elliot, Marshawn Lynch, Frank Gore, Doug Martin, and Chris Carson. Should I trade Marshawn for Ty and who would you pair him with to get Ty? I also have DeSean Jackson, Adam Thielen, and Ted Ginn. What two for one would get the other owners attention without giving up to much?

I think you could try and sell Marshawn and Carson to start. Ty is the real deal but Carson is getting a lot of good pub right now.

To be completely honest if I was the Ty Owner I would ask for Marshawn and Doug. If you think you can ride with zeke and ty all year then pull the trigger!

The McFadden owner wants me to give him Ted Ginn for him so I could cover my ass about the Zeek mess. Not sure about that trade yet though