Trying to Trade Watson (currently have Dak)

I’m in a 14 team league but surprisingly most people are fine with their QB situations even though I’m holding Dak and Watson. Trying to unload Watson for an RB or WR.

My RBs: Murray, Martin, Gillislee, Kelley
My WRs: Fitz, Hill, Diggs, Decker, Doctson

Here are some options:

Aaron Rodgers owner: Watson for Abdullah? He’s got Montgomery and James White as his other RBs.

Big Ben owner: Watson and Gillislee for Mixon?

Rivers owner already turned down Watson and Gillislee for Ajayi.

I could also wait until week 8 when people might be more desperate with 6 teams on bye.

Any thoughts/suggestions would help!

I like the Watson and Gill for Mixon, or Abdullah.

I’m trying to trade Watson & Fitz for Julio.

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