Trying to trade with the guy who has Fournette

We are a 12 team PPR. So I want to make a trade with the guy who has Fournette. His only other RBs are Mark Ingram and Malcolm Brown. He’s got 6 WRs. Top 3 being Juju, Thielen and Hollywood Brown.

My current roster

RB: McCaffery, Miles Sanders, David Johnson, RoJo, Tevin Coleman

WR: D Hopkins, DJ Chark, Gallup, Tyler Boyd, Brandin Cooks

I’m thinkin about trying to trade David Johnson for either Thielen or Juju, what do y’all think? Is it worth it for me? Is it a decent trade?

It’s not worth it for them. You’re trying to take advantage of the situation and making it really obvious.

I think Thielen is a stretch/“taking advantage of the situation” because Fournette is likely to sign somewhere else, albeit not get RB1 level carries.

I disagree with @Mountain_Man though, i think Juju or Hollywood are definitely in the wheelhouse for a sure-fire starting RB

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