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Trying to upgrade


Alright guys, I’m in a 10 team standard league. I’m 1-3. My roster
Qb: wentz, Brees
RB: K hunt, D Martin, w Smallwood, A Kamara, J Rodgers, J Allen and David Johnson
WR: K Allen, A Thielen, A Cooper, S Shepherd
TE: J witten

Trying to figure out who to trade and what to trade for. Really need to turn things around.


I’d say sell Cooper, but that ship has probably sailed. Selling one if the QBs (Brees would be my recommendation, because I think he’ll bring the most back), maybe packaged with another player or two, may be the best way to maximize your roster. The fact that this is a 10 teak league may make that more difficult, though, since QBs are even less scarce than usual. This is why I wouldn’t recommend drafting a QB as high as you likely had to draft Brees. That’s certainly not the only thing that went wrong, but another shot at a usable RB/WR likely would have helped.


I drafted Bree’s in the 11th after I had, woodhead dj, Hunt, cooper, Martin, K. Allen, A rob, garçon and decker. I felt like it was a decent spot. Who should I try to grab rb/wr?


Wow, disregard then. That’s great value. Just amazingly unlucky with injuries. It really depends in what you can get. You could probably use help at either. Is there a team that looks particularly shakey at QB? If so, I’d look at his roster to see what I think he might be willing to part with.


The ones that are “weakest” at qb have Wilson, mariota, Big Ben, m stafford.
Mariota: l fitz, a Jeffery, m Thomas, e sanders. Kind of weak at rb.
Big Ben(p rivers on bench): Gordon, Murray, mixon and Hyde. Weak at wr.
M stafford: Gurley, fournette, obj, Landry and Pryor.
Wilson: gore, Forte, cooks and Tate


The Mariota or Ben owner may be willing to deal. I’d inquire about interest in Brees. This may be a bit of a long shot.