Tuesday morning feels

Was up 33 points going into Monday night, guy had cam left and proceeded to beat me … 146 to 144 … worst part is I have cam in another league and already had a win locked up without him so he could have just flopped for me ha! Anyone else have a bad end of week 10?

lol that’s brutal man it’s been a trying season to say the least. This past week I was up 23-0 going into Sunday in standard with jimmy graham and Baldwin from the Thursday night game. My opponents team was not very good but somehow Tyrod Taylor and Lesean McCoy combined for 7 points, and he had cousins who went off against Minnesota. I lost by 9. Go figure too right before kickoff I swapped juju out of the flex and started Morris… well Morris only scored 5 and juju had 15, had I not tweaked my lineup I would’ve won by 1 point lol oh the feels

Not a bad beat by any stretch… but I did have Cam & McCaffrey in DFS last night. And Cam had too good of a game!

Last two guys to play in a Sunday Afternoon-SNF-MNF 4-game contest. Started out the evening in 1,100th place… rose all the way to Top5 (winning a very nice chunk of keeesh) with just a bit of the 4th to play… until Cam threw than last TD to Funchess, and about 70 people with Funchess leapfrogged me. D’oh!

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I have the worst FF hangover