Turn Diggs into Thiele?

Would you try and flip Diggs and say Marlon Mack for Adam Thielen? My other receivers are Keenan Allen, Chris Godwin, Diggs, Sammy Watkins, and Taylor Gabriel. At RB I have Kamara, Ingram, Mack, Richard and Drake. Would u be giving up too much for Thielen, or is Mack and Diggs not enough? 12 team PPR.

I don’t see any reason why the Thielen owner would do that

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there is no way i would trade thieles for diggs and mack.
I would have to be in serious need of a RB to even consider it.

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Don’t give up on Diggs just yet.
He is still a huge threat to other teams because of his big play potential. Yes Thielen is getting a lot of targets (that’s mostly because he plays in the slot, runs underneath routes and doesn’t have the top CB guarding him). But you’ll see Diggs will get his production too.

I wouldn’t tilt too much on Diggs, trust in him and keep


I understand Thielen still might not be a high-profile name but the guy is an automatic 100 yards every week and a top 3 WR this year. As a Thielen owner, i’m gonna need something massive in return before i’m even thinking about it. Replace Thielens name with AB or Julio and see if the trades still make sense.

i would do my best to improve to thielen from diggs, thielen the WAY better fantasy option. and not even close.

diggs still gets his 10 targets per game. he had some bad luck lately but will bounce back rather sooner than later. on long term those targets will show production 100%.
right now though, it is the wort possible time to trade for thielen. you won’t be able to receive him unless you put in some serious value

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That’s a really good point. I thought about putting Ingram into the trade instead of Mack, but he hasn’t done enough recently to bring enough value to the table I assume. Y’all make really good points.

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If I have Kamara and Mack, would you look at trying to move Ingram and another WR (Godwin or Watkins) to get Juju? Still looking for the WR upgrade. I have Kamara, Richard, Mack, and Drake at RB (12 team PPR)