Turning McCoy into Hopkins

After draft I picked up McCoy bc of trade speculation. Ended up trading him straight up for OBJ last week and just traded OBJ for Hopkins.

WR: Adams, Hopkins, Woods, Gallup, Sanders & Green
RB: Elliot, Gurley, Carson, Michel & Sanders

Cam pooped on me, now I’m streaming. Trying to decide if I move a WR for a QB

Your team is sitting pretty right now. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to target a good QB for Emmanuel Sanders given his high point totals so far this season. I would not trade any of your top 3 WR’s or RB’s. I would consider Michele if I’m getting Lamar or Mahomes but I doubt those owners would make that trade. Otherwise there’s nothing wrong with streaming a QB with a team like that.

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Thanks I’m really hoping I can get Michel to blow up for two weeks and move him. I’m not a fan of patriots in fantasy bc you never know when Belichick is going to decide his game plan doesn’t involve your player at all.

As I’m sitting here watching this Seahawks game, yeah Russell Wilson for Sony. I would have tried that! Might want to see if that’s still possible if Sony has a big game this week.

Man I hear you. I’ve had Russel the last 3 years and have loved him. I was scared off this year listening to the ballers and went Cam instead…REGRETTING THAT NOW!

Very unfortunate! They love Cam every year; but they also usually love Russell. I think Mike was throwing a lot of shade Russell’s way in the preseason. But he has literally finished as a QB1 every year he’s been in the league and he really does have an incredible second half like every year. This year he’s killing it in the beginning.