'Twas the Night Before

Some of those won’t make any sense to those not in my league, but a little ditty I put together as Commissioner and champ:

'Twas the night before Christmas, and on the TV
Was a game not worth watching or playing it seemed
Our lineups were set - 15 games had been played
Yet the scale of the Championship could still have been swayed;
I’d taken a chance on the Titans big D;
And they’d paid me back big with a last-second INT;
Harrison Butker did what he does best;
Right through the uprights on all his attempts;
But the difference in scoring ended right there;
My matchup with Darnold was up in the air;
It all came down to this Monday Night Match;
Our scores otherwise were nearly a scratch;
So I sat and I watched and I hoped and I prayed;
That for just once this season, the Raiders actually played;
And what to my wondering eyes should appear;
A first-half shutout, the Broncos can’t get in gear;
What happened next, I cannot be sure;
But suddenly DaeSean Hamilton put points on the board;
Could it be that a comeback was there in the cards?
Would the next score be Lindsay’s? What are the odds?
The rookie already made it into the ProBowl;
It’s certainly possible he could swing our Super Bowl;
But next thing I knew he made his way off the field;
Clutching his wrist, it seems his fate was sealed;
And a smile slowly crept over my face;
It was increasingly likely that I’d take first place;
I sat and I watched and I hoped and I prayed;
And it seems all of Denver was doing the same;
I felt Bryan was out there, muttering under his breath;
His championship chances were now all but dead;
The projections were dropping with each passing second;
And when the game was all over - that’s where he finished - in second;
So to all of you who came back for the season;
I thank you all for giving me a reason;
To come back each week and ridicule or cheer on;
Each of your teams, with numbers in the win column - no matter how small; (see Andrew)
For now I’ll take that Dino - put him up on my wall;
I promise he’ll be safe, long after next year;
And I hope you all will join me then, right back here;
As your Commissioner and Champion, I’ll leave you with this;
Naked Truckers for Life and a Merry Christmas!


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