Twitch Fantasy Football Live Stream

I am wondering if anyone would have interest in a live fantasy football stream that focuses on gaming and fantasy football. I am starting one and I figured if I make it focused on 2 things I really enjoy doing, it will be engaging. There aren’t many sources for live fantasy football chat out there and I know people who can talk about fantasy football for hours. Let me know if you think this might be something you would be interested in.

Thank you and have a great week!

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I’d hang out. What games do you plan on playing?

I play pretty much everything on PS4. My channel is

mk I’ll give ya a follow

Thanks! I’ll see you at some point when I’m live I’m sure. I will talk a lot of dynasty, but some redraft.

Have a good one!

you too. Request! If you havent played Bloodborne give it a whirl

You and I may turn out to be great friends. Bloodborne is my favorite game of all time lol. I am currently working on my BL4 run. I’ve been streaming it. So far I’ve beaten all bosses except Gehrman, Moon Presence, and DLC bosses.

hot dang. I never had the guts to attempt a BL4 run. Cheers to you

Gut up buddy, it’s a blast.

Currently getting in touch with my inner child and playing KH3 lol

Never played a KH game

The gameplay in them is actually great. It’s extremely corny and hard to get through the voice acting though unfortunately.

I’m just not a huge Disney guy so the nostalgia aspect doesn’t appeal to me

Makes sense. It’s definitely not for everyone.