TWITTER REPORT - AB to the Patriots

All I can say is wow THANK God I did not drop him

If the AB owner in my league doesn’t know, would you trade Woods for him?

I may…however there is not enough balls to go around ! Him, Gordon, Edleman, the backs… whne does it end

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I wonder what this means for Gordon’s outcome in the following season.
AB will probably steal some balls from Edelman, but I think he is more entrenched in his position.
Gordon on the other hand was a wild card already coming into the season - this just puts another big question mark over him.

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IDK man, I was super high on Gordon, I think this might open things up more for him, but this takes away targets for sure…

I think it will take tgts away from Edelman…I hope ( I just traded him away for Robert Woods and DeDe westbrook)

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Tomorrow night - Pats vs Steelers…WOW

@MikeMeUpp what think about this? The Patriots might have the best receiver core in their history lol!

one pulled hamstring will bring them back down to earth!

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As a Pats fan, I can tell you I’m very excited. Brady bout to put out another MVP season. I just hope there’s no helmet catch this year to stop us.

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