Two Blockbuster Offers Made to Me

Hey Footclan - I need some help as I was just offered 2 separate deals that I am considering for my team (0.5 ppr)

Deal #1:
Give: Cooper and Fournette
Get: Odell and Mixon

Deal #2:
Give: Cooper, Fournette, Gronk
Get: Lev Bell, Jordy, Fleener
(Also have Eric Ebron)

Should I do one of these deals or stick with what I have in Cooper and Fournette (and Gronk)? Thanks for the input!

I would take Deal #2 in a heartbeat!

I like deal 1, mixon is going to be a beast. Think gronk is just too much in that 2nd deal, like fleener as a throw in is poor, snead on his way back plus you’ve got ebron. I like deal one if anything, pretty fair deal too.

Deal 2 is such an upgrade on your Wr and Rb your getting the best player in Fantasy with lev bell

Yea, I don’t think I could give up Gronk either. I’d do #1 too. I like Fournette but he never could stay healthy in college with 12 games, I don’t see him making it 16 with as much as Jax wants to use him.

I think I would go with deal 1. Having Gronk and Odell can be real game changers and Mixon I feel will only trend up from here.