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I have a question for the footclan. I was offered a trade today. I received Antonio Brown. I gave up Smallwood, Ridley and Amari Cooper. I accepted. The team I’m trading with is 0-6 and need players. He is also the Dalvin Cook owner and finds himself needing a back before Sunday. The league is ticked because they don’t think it’s fair. I thinkv with his team needs it’s mutually beneficial. My roster will be stacked pretty nicely now and I think that’s the problem for most of them. Am I wrong to accept the trade? Do you guys think it’s unfair given all of the other team’s needs?

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Im against vetoing trades, so I would let it roll in my league.

But, wow.

Yes, Ridley has had great games, but those 3 can all easily sit on most team’s bench. Ridley is hurt, Cooper is hurt and struggling, Smallwood looks like the lesser back in a time-share.

You win big time in my opinion.

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I agree. That’s why I felt like I had to accept. Just frustrated because last week Watson was traded for Jesse James and nothing was said. I’m like you and don’t want anything vetoed unless it’s collusion.

I’m not the biggest authority on TRADES, AND I don’t usually try to speak for others because I don’t like sticking my nose in, but…actually @jhill0127…I think what @Ouch22 meant was that it’s kind of understandable that some in your league were less than keen on this one. The other guy is facing complete season defeat and you come out the bigger winner in this trade. (sorry @Ouch22 if I’m mistaken here.)

Personally, IMO…(unless the other guy is truly mentally challenged, or just a complete FFB ignorant that shouldn’t be in this sort of stuff to begin with)…hey…HE offered YOU the deal. NOT the other way around. So…if it benefits you more than he…HE OFFERED IT…NOT YOU!!! WHO WOULDN’T TAKE THIS???

I tend to have to agree with you @jhill0127 . You shouldn’t be penalized.

I did a very similar trade this week for Julio Jones. I gave up Jarvis Landry, Smallwood & Rudolph. Just like your trade partner he had a ton of holes on his roster and a rough start 2-4.

*according to the projections both teams had an increase in points for what its worth