Two current trade scenarios

I’m working on two current trade scenarios for my team and wanna see which is best. Or see if I should just stick to what I currently have on my team. The first is Newton, Murray, and Cook for Wentz and Mixon and the second is adding Olsen and Kerryon to the Newton side and Kelce to the Wentz side.

My team:
QB: Wentz
RB: Kamara
RB: Mixon
WR: K Allen
WR: Landry
TE: Kelce
Flex: J Gordon

BN: A Jones
BN: OJ Howard
BN: Mayfield
BN: Richard
BN: Allison
BN: Collins
BN: Duke Johnson

His team:
QB: Ryan
RB: Yeldon
RB: Murray
WR: Hopkins
WR: John Brown
TE: Olsen
Flex: Kerryon

BN: Cam
BN: Juju
BN: J Howard
BN: Shepard
BN: Drake
BN: Cook
BN: Mack

I’m not sure how I feel about giving up Kelce and needing to rely on Olsen or OJ Howard from here on out, but I like the idea of receiving Kerryon.

Thanks footclan

I think adding Olsen and NOT KJ, and Adding Kelce on the other side makes it better and good foryou, assuming you Are the team with Newton and would receive Kelce Wentz and Mixon.

I think i Newton is solidly better Than Wentz but not an enormous diff, and samewkth Murray /Cook vs Mixon. Seems like you are trying to give up a lot more than I think is really worth it.

I’d be the team receiving Newton/Murray/Cook/Olsen/Kerrryon. I’d be giving up Wentz/Mixon/Kelce.

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Keep kelce. Only position you’d be upgrading is your QB, and it’s not worth it

What about the first scenario? Cam/Murray/Cook for Wentz/Mixon

Or would you just turn down this trade altogether?

I’d rather have mixon. Ignore the bad game from the Bengals.

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Roger. Thanks for talking me off the ledge.