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Two Keeper League


Howdy, Forum.

10 team full point PPR snake draft starting 3 WR and a flex every week.

Which two should I keep?
Gronk - 1st (I have the 1.03, best available will be Julio)
Riddick - 7th
Diggs - 9th
Tyrell Williams - 10th
Jameis Winston - 16th


No to Gronk, take Julio. No to Riddick. I would keep Diggs and Williams.


Do what he said… Diggs and Williams :+1:


Williams’s current adp is in the 9th, so keeping him for a 10th isn’t much value and from what I’ve seen in mocks you can probably draft him in the double digit rounds if you really want to.

So I’d say Diggs for a 9th and Jameis for free is the way to go.