Two Leagues (two Flex Questions for Courtland Sutton) Full PPR

I had Sutton in two of my league’s lineups, unfortunately. Full PPR scoring.

League 1: Flex options to replace Sutton
Jarvis Landry (already playing Kareem Hunt if that influences anything)
Chris Thompson
Allen Lazard
Emmanuel Sanders

League 2: Flex options to replace Sutton
Chris Thompson
Ronald Jones
Allen Lazard

Any help or advice on who to place in my flex this week would be greatly appreciated!


Landry in the first lineup is a no brainer

Second lineup is a tough one. I’d say smash Ronald but going up against one of the top run defenses doesn’t interest me in a shared backfield. I guess you go with the upside that Thompson could catch 5 balls or more

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okay, thanks!!

Landry and Thompson