Two picks in first four. Need Help!

I am in a 10 team ppr keeper w/dynasty overtones.

Roster set up is: 1qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, 1 te, 2 flex

We can keep 3-5 players and I am keeping: Jonathon Taylor and McClaurin in the 3/4 and Gibson, Hockenson and Ayuik in the 9/10/11.

I have the 1 and 4 picks to start the draft and these are the players that I will have to choose from:

Davante Adams, Hopkins, Keenan Allen

Barkley, Mixon, Harris, CEH

How would you go about picking to construct these 2 picks in the most league crushing way possible?

For reference the two people picking in between my picks one has: Montgomery, Kareem Hunt, Antonio Brown and Burrow and the other has: Tyreek Hill, Ceedee Lamb and Brady.

For pick one, I’d go with one of the RB’s. The guy at #2 needs RB and will likely go that route. Get who you want there. The second guy doesn’t need WR, so you will likely get the WR of your choice at #4 anyways.

I’d grab Adam’s first. It’s PPR so grab him up. The drop off from Adams to the rest of the players is big enough that I want him at the top and it’s not close, especially since you already have Gibson and Taylor. Adams is the best player available on that board. I’d also take Adams first because it’s a toss up at RB.

All have upside and downside. Barkley is a question mark injury wise but the talent is there, Mixon is a workhorse but has a bad O-Line, CEH is in a great situation but touchdowns hurt him, and Harris will be a workhorse but with the Steelers. With the RB crowd, you’re guaranteed to get one of them and that will only help your team.