Two qbs how early to target

Hey footclan,
I’ve never been in a two qb league and I’m helping my gf draft tonight. They are doing 2 qbs because they only have 8 teams.

We do you start targeting them and how much can you still stream? I have a feeling the other girls will take three or more and she (me) will probably have an edge on the deeper position players.

You cannot stream, in a 2 QB league. Even in an 8 man. Most teams will roster at least 3 QBs.

My rule for 2 QB leagues is this, find the last QB you’re willing to take and just make sure you draft one before that. Whether you want to combo a really good QB with an okay one, or take 2 back to back middle tier ones, that depends on your draft. Need to feel it out and see what players fall to you. Don’t be the guy who wants till the end with QBs and you get stuck with like Bortles and Dalton. No matter how good your team is, it won’t be able to carry you.

Even with 8 teams?

Even with 8 teams. QB values actually go up in 8 man leagues imo. Every team is stacked so positional advantages offered by TEs and QBs go up. Gronk and Rodgers go up in value to me in 8 man vs a 12 man.

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Wow thanks, this is going to be interesting…