Two questions

Question one: which RB should I get. I have Doug Martin and Rex Burkhead and latavious Murray are available. Should I get one of them two

Question two: which TE should I get. I have greg olson and jenkins and witten are available. What should I do?

Is it standard or ppr? I would prob lean latavius, regardless, but burkhead definitely has himself a role.
I would go ASJ for the TE

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.5 ppr

I can also get Robby Anderson for Doug Martin

Seals-jones is available at TE too

Geez how are all these players available? Is this a 4 team league, lol?

I’d probably cut Doug Martin of Murray and Robby Anderson should be picked up unless you’re super deep at WR


The people in my league aren’t very good. For WR I have brown, Thomas, juju, Landry, Shepard.

I really need an RB and TE but Anderson is good.

I like ASJ and Burkehead seems to have taken over Whites role and he is getting work in the redzone

I mean I guess that depends on your roster/ needs but Robby would be top of that list in a vacuum for sure

I would take Murray over burkhead and both over martin.

I would go for asj too at tight end.

In terms of Anderson. You have to look at match ups and consider of you’d actually play Him over some of your guys. If no then domt take him of yea then drop juju/Sheppard whoever you wouldn’t play

Juju’s hurt, Thomas hasn’t been great, Shepard’s been hurt as well,
I’d grab Robbie and Rex