Two Rams WR dilemma

Having difficulty setting my #2 WR this week. I drafted Woods and Kupp. If I follow the rankings I should start both. Of course this is tough for me to do. My other options are M. Jones, Dede, Watkins, and E. Sanders. Leaning M. Jones or Dede. Rest of my roster as follows (Half PPR)
QB: Mahomes
RB 1: Conner
RB 2: Carson
WR 1: Woods
WR 2:
TE: Ebron
Flex: J. Jacobs
BN: Kupp, M. Jones, S. Watkins, M. Sanders, E. Sanders, M. Breida, Dede, and Justin Jackson

Woods and Dede is a good combo

And just some advice, Iā€™d move one of my rams WRs for a solid TE like McDonald

Thought about that. Tough the first week. If Kupp comes out like last year he could be WR1 material. He was drafted rather late so my league does not have value on him yet. Really like Woods this year. Thanks for the advice.

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