Two trade offers accepeted. pick one

half ppr league looking to upgrade my 2RB. I still have Diggs, Diontae Johnson, and Deebo, plus whoever is left from the trade.

Chase Edmonds and Emmanuel Sanders for Swift

Chase Edmonds and Antonio Brown for Ekeler

Id rather have the swift trade AB is much more valuable than Sanders and while ekeler is better than swift. Id rather keep AB and add Swift


thanks for the input!

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Take the Swift trade…AB is much more valuable and Swift is having a great year


@nyjets23 and @dbmville how do you two feel about me just doing deebo for swift? I think this is the best move

I dont mind that thats probably more even. I rather still have that edmonds sanders offer but if that wont be accepted I think this is fine

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You certainly lose more by trading AB, but go get Ekeler. Your WR core is still strong and Austin is going to be a league winning RB.

Agree with NYJets23. He nailed it.