Two Trade Offers, Help Please

I’ve been offered Kamara for Jacobs or Ekeler and McLaurin for Godwin and Gurley.
Do either of these trades sound appetizing to you?
Jacobs, Gurley, and Godwin all belong to me as well. Standard league, non-PPR.

I would trade away Ekeler to get Kamara. I think the upside is worth the risk but it is a gamble. I would much rather have Godwin and Gurley than MClaurin.

Did you mean Jacobs for Kamara? I don’t have Ekeler right now. I only have Jacobs, Gurley, and Godwin.

I’d be trading my Gurley and Godwin for Ekeler and McLaurin.

Or, my Jacobs for Kamara.

Ahh. I thought trade 1 was Kamara for either Jacobs or Ekeler and trade 2 was McLaurin for Goodwin and Gurley. This makes much more sense as the McLaurin trade was quite one sided. lol.

In a standard league, I would keep Jacobs. I would take Ekler and McLaurin over Godwin and Gurley. The difference between Ekeler and Gurley is much greater than the difference between Godwin and McLaurin.

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Haha yeah I should’ve made it clearer initially. Thanks for the advice though that’s along the same lines that I was thinking.